Killzone / Damage

I drag a killzone into a blueprint class but it doesn’t have dimensions. It doesn’t even have dimensions when placing it inside the map.

I’m trying to have a zone where is a pawn is caught between two moving walls, the killzone will activate as the pawn is being squished between the walls when the wall movements near eachother.

Can I use a box collision that has to overlap another collision (the two collisions of the wall must be inside eachother) then when the pawn is introduced to the two collisions a killzone or damage enacts itself to kill the pawn.

Any ideas?

Make a volume and kill anything that overlaps with in it, you can code that in level blueprint since it sounds like something level specific. If it’s repetitive mechanic them make blueprint with box component and kill anything that overlaps with it, or do that with wall blueprint if they are blueprintm, that would be the best as it’s those wall features

You can make component blueprint and reuse it anywhere on any actor