Killing pawn but capsule still follows player actor around

turn off the simulation of physics for the mesh, and then kill the capsule?

just a thought,


After I kill off a NPC, it goes to ragdoll, but I suspect that it’s capsule still follows the player around because it keeps getting blocked by something I can’t see.

I can destroy the capsule but then when I stop the mesh simulation, it falls through the ground.

The simulation makes the NPC ragdoll wither around, which is fine for a few seconds, but then I want to stop the sim and just have the NPC lay where it is and do something about the capsule so that it isn’t having any collision.


Can you change the “root” object for the NPC? Such that nothing is dependent on the Capsule?

It may be (and I don’t know, just speculating) that the capsule is not being removed because other “non-destroyed” objects are dependent on it.

That didn’t solve the problem. I’m still at a loss, but I know a bit more. my NPC blueprint has the character’s capsule as its root object. After I’ve called to destroy it, my player character can still run into it, and the error is telling me that it is in the process of being destroyed, even though I may have done so 10 seconds earlier.


I assumed the same, but I can’t make an empty actor the root for some reason. I’m told that the capsule is inherited. If I destroy the entire NPC, then I don’t have any dead bodies laying around :wink:

I could turn off all of it’s collision, but then it’s still following me around, not that should affect anything, just seems sloppy.

Hey ,

Did you figure this out? I’m having a similar problem. :confused:

After looking at my BP from all those months ago, this is what I did:

I put a notify on the animation asset that plays the death motion (I opted not to use ragdoll, for other reasons)

The notify sends a trigger that disables the NPC’s capsule collision.

There is an additional isDead variable being set in there, which is for my use only and has nothing to do with disabling the capsule. You don’t need that node.

If this helps, send some karma my way :slight_smile:


Ah, I don’t think that fixed my problem. Probably because of the way I’m having the AI move. Thank you anyway!

hi here you have the answer destroy the capsule component of the enemy and no longer give you greetings