Killing, My Friend
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Hello fellow Unreal devs!

We at Hard-Boiled Software would like to introduce you to our game Killing, My Friend. Killing, My Friend is a four player co-op first person arcade shooter set on the set of an over-the-top and over budget action movie. We wanted share with you all what we’ve been working on using the Unreal Engine!

Killing, My Friend is a co-op shooter in the same vein as games like Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty Zombies or Mass Effect 3 multiplayer but with gameplay and aesthetics similar to our Half-Life mod Action Half-Life. Using ‘movie realism’ and stunts of classic 80’s and 90’s action movies, players attempt to survive to the end of the last wave while also competing against their fellow actors to earn the most Fame(points). And to earn Fame the players can perform stunts like dives, slides, rolls, wall running, and more to get bonuses while getting the most stylish kills. And the focus on style extends to both the player models and weapons as well.

As for the weapons, we’ve taken an idea born out of Action Half-Life and fleshed it out in to a full feature. In AHL the design goal was to have all the weapons balanced with every other weapon leaving the player to decide which load-out of weapons and gear fits their gameplay style best instead of which weapon is best. In Killing, My Friend we’ve taken that a step further. All the weapons available in Killing, My Friend are archetypes or classes like Assault Rifles, Shotguns or a variety of Pistols like 9mm semi-autos or Magnum revolvers, rather than specific weapons that you’d find in other shooters yet each class still has a wide variety of makes and models. They function the same no matter how they look. On an action movie set, the weapons just have to look cool, not function to their specific real-world specs. This also allows us to make the weapon models customizable as well, just like the characters. We go into a little more detail on the website about some further customization available as well like player and weapon mods.

Additionally, with the theme of KMF being on a movie set, the possibilities for settings or themes for levels is infinite. The first few levels we are working on will pay homage to 80’s and 90’s action movies with settings like a Hong Kong tea house, a busy shipping port or the top floors of a high rise office building. But really, we can expand to anything you may see in an action move. Even expand into really outlandish or creative areas down the road. A zero gravity space stations ala Moonraker or a Western set on a backlot movie set complete with western costumes and weapon models. Really, anything the imagination can come up with.

I’ll update more as we get stuff finished, but for now, thanks for checking it out!

Dwayne Douglass
Lead Designer
Hard-Boiled Software LLC

I’ll leave you with a preview I posted on the Action Half-Life Facebook group as a preview of what we’ve been working on:
[video]- YouTube

That is a very important comma in your title. :slight_smile:

Heh, some may even want to drop it in multiplayer…

Bumping to add our announcement trailer.

That looks interesting.

WOW! and in First-person. Great concept and execution:)

Awesome, I remember Action Half-Life (and Action Quake 2)! 99% of the time my attempted dive through a window with akimbo pistols would miss and I’d hit the wall, but when it did work it was great.

Funnily enough I was looking to write a Half-Life bot a short while back and AHL was one of my candidates.

Good luck, will keep an eye on this :wink:

Hey thanks! Well diving through windows will definitely be in Killing, My Friend and even give you a score bonus as well, so feel free to bang your head against a wall trying to get one just right in this game when it’s done! :smiley:

We’re up on Steam Greenlight, go give us a vote! :smiley:

Got my vote and fav and followed. My only “crit” is the the blood looks like dust/debri and should leave a stain but that’s honestly it lol. Love how it has the whole John Wu movie feel to it.

Thanks! Yeah the blood is a WIP. It looks fine without the toon shader, but with it, it does look like debris. I think we’ll end up with something more ribbon like Battlecry if you’ve seen any screens of that. As for the ground splatter, that is a mainstay of Action Half-Life where you track your bleeding opponent to where he’s taking cover using the blood trail. It will be in. It’s also a WIP.

I know just saying that was my “only crit” lol. I think it looks freaking amazing and has a lot of potential.

Thanks! Btw, the screens on you FB page of Project Yami look great!

Thanks man. We are actually having to kind of rehaul it however we will be using nVidia GameWorks now. I am also later going to revamp/optimize am old model of ours and test out HairWorks on Jason. The screenshots are from last year and a couple from early this year. I am hoping to have stuff to show soon. Glad you like it the more fans the better. We had an animation demo but it got messed up in a hardware failure though wont be hard to redo it an with the new features of 4.8.1 it will not only be eaiser but look even better. Also is we can we are planning to impliment Flex in to it as well.