Killing Floor 2 Matchmaking Not Working 12-19-2021


Its been 3 days in which my Killing Floor 2 Matchmaking has not been working? I am unable to play KF2 after logging in. Does anybody have the same problem? Can someone provide a DETAILED fix on this matter?

Thank you!!

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Greetings I-AM-NooBIE!

We see that this is your first time posting! :medal_sports: Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community!

I am sorry that you are having issues with Killing Floor 2 Matchmaking. Until one of the Rockstars in the community provide you with some great suggestions and possible solutions, it may help to post the following:

  • OS Version

  • Security Software Used (antivirus/firewall)

  • A game log from a recent attempt to connect (You can find the log at: mydocs/mygames/killing floor 2/kfgame/logs

Thank you for notifying us of the trouble you are having, and for being an important part of building a stronger community! :muscle:t4:

i have the same problem