Killer Robot Party [VR]

Hello Unreal Engine Community!

I’d like to introduce Killer Robot Party. It’s a VR action game in development for Vive and Rift, in which you defend the Queen’s raucous Birthday celebrations from battalions of killer robots, using an arsenal of unique weaponry which interact in different ways - from basic items like bows, to homing-aerial bombardment fireworks, land-mines and magical artefacts.

Perfect if you want to escape the real world for a while and shoot some robots. 2016 has been quite a year so far - we all need a bit of escapism!


Collect bounties for downing robots, and spend your money on new weapons, fairground rides in the castle, eating competitions, crazy golf and lots more. Stuff your face with burgers, donuts and chilli-dogs to restore health and impress the locals - or if you’re after black-market entertainment, within the Queen’s castle grounds you’ll find more shady ways to spend your amassed fortune. Try your luck in gambling dens run by talking donuts, and raucous taverns where you can arm-wrestle sentient hot-dogs to win mysterious magical artefacts.

Killer Robot party is my first full VR release, following last year’s spooky experience “The Caretaker, a VR Experience based on The Shining”. It features a big variety of weaponry - and an even bigger variety of fun things to explore and do. I’m working hard on bringing this fun little game to full release.

I’ll post updates here as work progresses. The game is already playable, and on limited demo release.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Killer Robot Party, I really appreciate it.


Franbo VR

Killer Robot Party: Overview
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Wow! I really enjoy the art direction. Simple yet beautiful. Good work!

Thanks, Seth! Appreciate it!

I’m currently adding in NPCs; first on the list is Donut Queen. She’s friendly (I think), but you wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. She enjoys drinking high-strength cider, dancing and chasing chickens around the castle yard.

Wow, totally agree with the art direction.


Thanks , great to hear you like the visuals!

I have lost count of how many times i watched that dancing queen, its hypnotic. Loving the art style :slight_smile: