Killbox breaks upon relaunching Unreal or blueprint compiling

Hey everyone, I’m fairly new to Unreal and am pretty stuck with this issue.

I have a checkpoint system that works great with just one kill box, but I added another later in the level and now Unreal is unhappy with me.

When I first add the second kill box, it works as intended by spawning me at the last checkpoint. The other kill box works just fine as well. Once I change and recompile a blueprint or relaunch Unreal, however, the second kill box no longer works. When I hit the kill box, my character disappears and the camera is locked in a position relatively close to where I hit the kill box. It will no longer work until I replace the kill box with a new one. The new one will break once I relaunch or recompile as well.

After breaking the second kill box, I checked the first kill box and it still works as intended. I’m not sure what’s happening behind the scenes, but hopefully some of you have an idea.

Thanks in advance!