Kill spawned emitter at location with end actor overlap/button

Hello! I am currently trying to figure out how to kill an emitter that I had spawn at location after the player interacts with a red button. I want the emitter to deactivate or destroy when the player interacts with a green button. I have tried dragging multiple nodes in various ways but cant figure out the answer. It seems like the solution should be fairly simple but I cant get it to work. Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey Jimminy thank you for the answer! I actually did that after posting and it worked, however I am now running into another issue when packaging. This is the error message PIE: Error: Blueprint Runtime Error: "Attempted to access ParticleSystemComponent_0 via property firevariable, but ParticleSystemComponent_0 is pending kill. It said that as well on the audio compnents but once I unchecked auto destroy the error went away. This is the way I have the kill button set up. Any thoughts?