kill messages and timer

hello everyone can any one tell me how to fix this :

when i use utgame as game mode play to test the game lasts for 20 minutes as if i was in death match how to stop this time from counting how to completely disable it ?

how to prevent udk from counting how many kills i killed where when i kill some one and press f1 it give me a window of how many people did i kill how to disable this window ?

lastly how to disable kill messages like : player 256 killed his own spree, player 260 killed player , player60 is on front ( as i remember )

so how to disable them ? please help . if any one know answer of any of these please tell me .


1:I extend from UTVehicleCTFGame and the above is from my def props.ive not tried it in UTGame.

2:if I get what you mean,reassign F1 in C:\UDK\UDK-2011-09\UDKGame\Config\definput.ini-i think.

3:create your own hud extending from UThud and set HudFonts(0)=none in def props.hacky but works.

edit:1:also in C:\UDK\UDK-2011-09\UDKGame\Config\defaultgame.ini find [UTGame.UTGame] and set the time limit there.

thanks a lot but another question when i start the game it says press fire to start how to disable that and win the default game.ini do i make time very big number or make it 0 ?

and also i tried the none thing which didn’t work so is there is any other way to disable these messqages that appear to me ?

I was sure it was that one but try setting the other fonts to none.

the only other way to do it requires the use of flash,is that available to you?