Kill Enemy Client Side

What is the best way to kill an enemy? I have a life variable, when that variable reaches 0, it reproduces an animation and seconds later it destroys the enemy, but when a client does it, the enemy is thrown on the floor and never destroyed, it moves invisible even continues to hurt to the client. by enemy I mean an AI

Make a state system, State Dead state Alive, if in state dead don’t follow anyone… do you know what I mean?

thx for reply, how can i do this?

1 Go to the content browser and make an enum called AIState make 2 states dead and alive
2 Go to your AIController class and from there declare an enum of AIState called actualAIState
3 When moving you probablyhave the function moveto, only called it when state it’s alive you can freestyle how you want.
4 on dying set the actualAIState into dead.