Kill Ai with firing

I want to fire and kill the ai but I tried a lot its not doing so please let me know about it.

  • Do you do Damage?
  • Does the ai have health?
  • Do you kill it when said health is depleted?

Unreal in itself has no built-in health-system but it’s pretty easy to add.

In a first iteration you could:

  • just slab a float value on your AI Actors
  • bind an event to OnTakeAnyDamage
  • reduce said value if it takes damage
  • destroy when said value goes to 0

please can you please provie it by pic please if you can I am new in ue4.

There a quite a lot of tutorials out there for different health systems:

but a super basic first version would be something like this

which takes care of removing the npc when its health falls to 0

Still, need to do damage on hitting.