KìKí Yågø - Утро // Metahuman Music Clip

Hey! Another Metahuman Music clip from Kiki Yago:) Playing with audio reactive blend shapes and some custom zombie crowd set ups –

Song Link https://song.link/s/1Jz6B3f5XUXkLtisMT7MGD
Voice and Facecap by Xenofontova Dasha https://instagram.com/kiki_yago
Unreal Engine Development by Snayss https://instagram.com/snayss

Produced by Codercat Studio


Greetings @snayyss !

Thank you for sharing your latest Metahuman music clip. Due to my photosensitivity, I was not able to watch the entire video, but from what I did see, I was impressed with the body morphing!

Everyone looked like they were emerging and growing in their amoeba-like bodies moving through and coming alive in an amniotic space. You have certainly achieved your goal of questioning physical reality. I believe UE is the perfect engine for you to continue pushing the limits of creativity!

Are there any unexplored or unfamiliar areas of development that you seek to learn? Are there any elements you haven’t used thus far that you’d like to incorporate in your next project? If so, what are they?

Ahh sorry to hear that you couldn’t watch the full thing, I should add a flashy light disclaimer:)

I love your description of the scene:)

There is so much that I would like to learn. Right now I am spending time trying to develop a style that is somewhere between photo realism and digital wildness:) It’s challenging to get some of my procedural effects to look believable with a photo realistic environment/metahumans, because they are generally lacking details that come from hand modeling. So I found that I can balance both sides by learning to add detail to these effects, while also stylizing the metahumans/environment.

I would love to incorporate more elements from my game development background, such as procedurally animated creatures / interactive mechanical devices / swarms… etc… :slight_smile:

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