Kickstarter: Scripting Unreal without Blueprints or C++

Hello Everyone!

If you are having trouble with Blueprints or C++ there is a solution, SkookumScript . SkookumScript was developed by Agog Labs, the language was designed specifically for game development. Currently, there is a scarcity of learning material for SkookumScript , we want to fix that.


We hope this will be beneficial for the Unreal Engine because the only language choice, as of right now, is Blueprints or C++.

Here is a couple of promotional trailers on youtube:
Here is our website:

Examples of how SkookumScript simplifies Blueprints:…re-skookum/282

Skookumscript official website:

Good description of how SkookumScript enhances productivity:

Does anyone have some feedback?