Kickstarter: Scripting Unreal without Blueprints or C++

Hello Everyone!

If you are having trouble with Blueprints or C++ there is a solution, SkookumScript . SkookumScript was developed by Agog Labs, the language was designed specifically for game development. Currently, there is a scarcity of learning material for SkookumScript , we want to fix that.


We hope this will be beneficial for the Unreal Engine because the only language choice, as of right now, is Blueprints or C++.

Here is a couple of promotional trailers on youtube:

Here is our website:

Examples of how SkookumScript simplifies Blueprints:…re-skookum/282

Skookumscript official website:

Good description of how SkookumScript enhances productivity:

I get paid in 2 days. Going to back then :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

I like Skookum, I just don’t like that much some of the syntax in it.
Although I know the tool since their beta, I end up falling back to C++ classes instead of using Skookum, maybe because laziness.
More learning material on it is very well welcome indeed.

Well, hopefully we will be successful so that we can show you some good work flows. Sometimes, we go back into old habits because it feels like we are going upstream when doing something new; we hope to show you where the downstream is.