Kickstarter Bound - Legion: The Eternal War

**Hello, I’m Cody Legge, the Lead Developer here at Nexus Division. Our studio is hard at work on the upcoming Online RPG, Legion: The Eternal War.

Our inaugural title, Legion: The Eternal War, is an open-world online RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. We wanted to create our dream game, one in which developers keep in tune with our community, actively listening to player feedback throughout the development process. Nexus Division consists of a passionate team of developers who love connecting and building worlds together, and we want you to join us. And we mean actually join us. Get involved, offer your input, and help us build something truly different.

We’re currently busy creating a timeless Medieval Online RPG focused on maintaining that delicate balance between PvE & PvP, rich in lore and a blast to play competitively. **

**Nexus Division was pieced together by indie developers who want to make something great. We are all working remotely from across the world, eschewing the traditional office of yesterday and fully embracing the tools of tomorrow. We plan to keep it this way as long as we stay efficient, intentional, and productive.

What we are working towards and nearly have already completed is creating a game foundation that’s acceptable to weekly updates, we have partnered with Xsolla & SpatialOS in order to bring the game into an acceptable environment to become a profitable business.

The Contract / Paid is only available once we reopen the doors to our online store.
Please view ** **to see our newest website which is under development. **

**Legion: The Eternal War has already shown success in the past with over 6,000$ worth of pledges donated to our website, this money has been used towards buying assets from the marketplace & supporting costs such as Godaddy web hosting & more.

The project has now owned almost every asset on the marketplace which has been deemed useful… now the money can go to our members and we can grow the business together.

Who are we looking to add to our team?

FMOD / Audio Programmers
2D Concept Artists
Graphic Designers
Video Editors
Marketing Specialists
3D Modelers
Animators / Riggers
Document & Game Designers
UX/UI generalists
Blueprint Programmers
C++ Programmers
SpatialOS Experienced Person(s)
Xsolla Experienced Person(s)
Level Designers and more!

Consider this project as a great opportunity to establish a career but really what we are looking for is passionate people towards game design and team collaboration. Our main goal is to turn Nexus Divison into a self-created profiting business & we are close to accomplishing that!
Come join us (: BRING ENERGY!

Everyone is welcome to apply, please join our
alternatively, you could email [EMAIL=“”]