Kickstart the Kickstarter! And Greenlit Evolvation!

The Kickstarter for Evolvation the game is started! Be there and give the project an amazing launch! Benefit now of the early adopter benefits and help us to Kickstart the Kickstarter!

We love to give the community a chance to back our project, as this is an advantage for both parties. For the Kickstarter, we give backers an advantage in purchase price, free initial spaceship, extra initial in-game currency and other amazing perks!

The Kickstarter is not necessary to make the game a success. It helps to make it more successfull! It is a chance for early adopters like you to pledge and gain special prices and special perks! And ofcourse, it helps our cause to develop a better game! And to develop a better game, we need the kickstarter. Visit the kickstarter page now!

A Steam Greenlight page is also started simultaneously! Vote “Yes” and get Evolvation Greenlit!

About Evolvation:
Evolvation is a multiplayer arena space flying shooter with multiple game modes which can be played solo as well as team-based gameplay. Check out the Alpha trailer for a sneakpeak of the gameplay!

Evolvation is a class based multiplayer game! With classes such as: Highspeed, Fighter, Stealth, Support and Tank. Each class has its own special abilities which provides a dynamic and balanced gameplay.

The ships in this class are extra small, very fast but extra vulnerable. The class ability is a temporary power boost.

**Stealth **
The stealth ships are fast, hard to see and are very flexible in maneuverability. This class ability gives the player the power to have a temporary camouflage.

**Tank **
A tank is much slower, has less maneuverability but has a amazing hull which gives the ship a good defense system. This class has the ability to spawn a temporary powershield arround the ship, it increases the defense.

**Fighter **
The fighter is for the soldiers on the front-line. It can afflict high damage, has a proper hull for the defense and has a good speed. An overall good spaceship with balanced properties. The fighter has a temporary attack bonus. Note: The video of this ability is not available in this post due the maximum of 4 videos in a post.

**Support **
Support ships have average stats. A bit more armor but are perfect for supporting your team. This class has more cargo space for supplies like: rockets, energy capsules, and health packs. Support ships have the ability to drop support packages for their team mates. If a team member picks one up, the supplier of the package receives XP. Note: The video of this ability is not available in this post due the maximum of 4 videos in a post.

Note: These videos are a preview of the class ability. The classes are still in development stage.

The tank in a powershield

Dying Star the map

About the Kickstarter:

The project goal is set :€20.000

Kickstarter duration: 49 days

The full pledge rewards list!:

  • Receive a set of digital wallpapers
  • Receive a position in the game credits
  • Gain early forum access
  • Gain a special backers badge on the forum
  • A digital copy of the game (Early adopter price)
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Highspeed
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Fighter
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Stealth
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Support
  • 1 unlocked spaceship of the class: Tank
  • Receive in-game currency: enough to buy an extra spaceship.
  • Receive a high quality poster
  • Receive a t-shirt of Evolvation
  • Receive a hand-signed thank you postcard from HyperReuts
  • Name a spaceship from the highspeed class
  • Name a spaceship from the fighter class
  • Name a spaceship from the stealth class
  • Name a spaceship from the support class
  • Name a spaceship from the tank class
  • Receive a special thanks in the credits
  • Name one of the maps
  • Design a new weapon, map or spaceship.

We really want to thank you up front for pledging. It is much appreciated! Visit the kickstarter page here!


We will keep you up-to-date with our news flashes on our webpage, via our social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, linked In and if we release a video YouTube) and/or via our forum of Evolvation (when released). Feel free to leave comments, feedback, start a discussion and/or leave other thoughts!

Kind regards,

Eric Ruts
On Behalf of the HyperReuts Team

Looking good guys, you should add your kickstarter link to your greenlight page to build cross traffic, just click Edit Links and there’s a spot for a KS url. Good Luck!

You have my vote! It looks fun, good luck in getting it kickstarted!

Hi there! Thank you for the tip.

PS. We just got greenlit in only two weeks! Whoohoo!

Congrats! We spoke before by PM, the game looks incredible for a year’s work…
UE4 has no support for large worlds (double precision) or MP origin shifting.
Here’s hoping 4.13 brings a solution to the latter prob (compliments of nkey)…
So how does the game work, you have a custom solution / scale things down???