Kibo system - Unreal Lumen - Work in progress

my very first Lumen Unreal scene. a work in progress! Inspired by 60s Japanese sci-fi, a meticulously crafted room filled with vintage electronics and devices. The centerpiece, the “Kibo System,” is a retro-tech control desk designed for tracking kaiju.

I aimed to achieve a certain retro look and feel with a little bit of fictional elements

all hero assets made from scratch, and I also used assets from the Megascan library and the PBRmax library


Hi there @98657751 ! Welcome back to posting with us here on the forums!

The aesthetic of the scene you have is something I’m absolutely in love with. It’s like this cyberpunk and post apocalyptic style kind of mixed into one. Maybe there’s a name for it and I just haven’t realized it, haha. The attention to detail within the room makes it feel very lived in and like I could see someone pacing around during their daily life in here. Is there hopes to make this a larger project?

Thank you, I am very glad you liked, I would probably put it in the solarpunk theme as it shares some post-apocalyptic and cyberpunkish elements with it, gritty and worn out, yet vivid colorful and optimistic.
and yeah this will eventually get expanded on as I merge it with future projects in the same world/timeline with a similar style and vibe


what a beautiful sight dear friend

thanks alot much appreciated bro

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Hi there @98657751,

Hope you’re well and having a wonderful week so far :slight_smile: Welcome back to the forums!

I’m an absolute nerd for all things vintage all the stuff made me immensely happy to take a look at. Especially when its all thrown together in the most beautifully maximalist collage of stuff! :smiley: Rad work!

Thanks for taking the time to share.


I like it but looks a little oversaturated.

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Hey there again @98657751 !

I can’t believe I forgot the term for the Solarpunk genre. :sob: It’s one of my favorites so I’m shocked it slipped my mind. Regardless, thanks for the response and keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait to see what you do next! :star_struck:

I’m glad that you enjoyed my work and share a love for vintage aesthetics, thanks for taking the time to check it out and for your wonderful feedback! :blush:

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yeah a little overdone, I will tone it down