Kibble Cooker, making a generic egg for all kibble

I’m trying to make a generic egg resource that can be used to craft kibble. I already created the resource and its referenced by the kibbles but I don’t know how to link the 21 dino eggs to the generic egg that is being used by all the kibble. Any help will be very much appreciated, I’m really new to the ark modding scene so I don’t know too much but not too little either.

Ended up finding a solution to my problem. If anyone else runs into this problem pm me and I’ll help you out.

Want to share the graph ?

I would if I used a graph. I made each egg a fuel source for a machine and then the machine would convert (burn the fuel) the eggs and I would get generic eggs to use in my mod. Not what I was looking for but it did the trick.

Couldn’t you just make a TC that makes it so every dino drops the same egg, and the recipe for the kibble just uses that egg?

Sure but why would I want to make a TC when I could just make a simple machine to do the job in a clean way. I know there is a way around it because of the resource “Chitinorkeratin” that resource looks at whether you have chitin or keratin when it comes to making some saddles or cementing paste. I just can’t find the hidden functionality that calls on those 2 separate resources.

makes sense.

I’m making a graph for those who want to know how to do it that way as well. I’ll have it posted sometime tomorrow (hopefully)

Hi, I would like to know what your solution is. I am runing a no-fly server and have a few other NPC’s untamable as well, so I need a way to let my players make the kibble for them.