Keywords for Enums, Structures

Hello. Can i create any keywords for Enums, Structures, etc. to find them faster. E.g., we can make for funcs in interfaces to find them in editor faster? Is there the option for Content Folder? ( Sometimes i have to write the same long titles and it would be more convenient if there was a way to add keywords)

Hey, looking through all of the menus it doesn’t seem like that is a possibility within the editor or using blueprints. You can perhaps modify or expose something when using C++, but as it currently stands it is not possible to add any keywords. I would recommend to rely on the prefixes before to easily find them.

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You can rapidly filter asset type with a single click:

But it may not be enough when things get out of hand, as they always do. As @EliasWick suggested, rigorously maintaining naming conventions is by far the superior method.

There’s also this: