Keystore problems


apologies if this was asked before, tried to google it with multiple sources but 80% of the results get me back to google play console and app signing.

I’ve published an app on google play store with UE 4.24.3, without needing to change any of the distribution signing options (probably a mistake but let’s call it a rookie one), google automatic signing did everything, no error ever popped up so I didn’t even know it was an issue till 4.26 (ue4.25 update was also fine and without any errors).

Updated UE to 4.26 and finished a few new features, testing went good, wanted to “push” the updates on the testing track and first error is:

“Error: Keystore file is missing. Check the distribution option in etc etc.”

Checked UE documentation on signing, made a .keystore file etc etc, build success. Great, went on google play console and naturally second error

“This .apk is not signed with the same fingerprint as etc etc.” or in other words SHAs are not a match.

So firstly is there maaaybe some check box that I forgot to check or uncheck inside the project settings? If not my guess is that I should have .keystore file or any signing file, somewhere that I got from google when I first uploaded the app, and I probably need to use that one, right? And since I probably forgot all the info UE4 needs my guess is my best course of action is to just contact google support so they scrap that signing key and I upload and make a new one? Or am i maybe missing something and i can get that info from google console?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

nvm, fixed, found a file in an older copy of a project. Should fix gitignore to maybe not include that file.

Thanks anywho :slight_smile: