keystore problem

I don’t know can anyone help. My problem is that I try to publish Unreal game in google play and get license key screenshot: Screen capture - a4e4a2937b274807ba2f8750bd45532b - Gyazo . I have get license key with google play developer
But how i can get those key alias and keystore and keystore password. I have find debug.keystore file but i can’t open or if it open with notepad it is mess. i have tried to publish my project several week but it doesn’t send .apk file because I think because it is missing keystore information. And yes I have read several instructions, but I don’t find keystore or/and doesn’t get file open. Please somenone help…

Search how to get keystore on google and youtube. I had no idea how to do it, but all info is there for you to find.

First result on google search:

yes that problem is now solved and one more to go. How to add .obb file to google play?? I think that game needs that file working properly, someone can correct if I am wrong, but how that will be done

How big is your game? Is it over 100mb?

187mb is file size. There is some extension thing but how to use it

My game was 52mb when I published it so I didn’t do any research on obb. Maybe someone else can help you with this.

There you go