Keystore present and correct, Ant Packaging Warning: "[proguard] Warning: can't write resource [META-INF/MANIFEST.MF] (Duplicate jar entry [META-INF/MANIFEST.MF])"

I’m building an Android app, a fairly simple mobile game. My issues is that when building I run into the following error:

PackagingResults: Warning: can’t write resource [META-INF/MANIFEST.MF] (Duplicate jar entry [META-INF/MANIFEST.MF])

From what I’ve read elsewhere, this is usually to do with a missing .keystore file in ProjectFolder/Build/Android, but I have the keystore file, I’ve quintuple-checked that the values for the distribution signing are accurate to the values in the keystore by running the keystore -list command to check the file after it’s created.

I’ve also updated my Android SDK & tools, as well as Proguard itself.

I do not see this error when building with Gradle, however, I’d still like to understand what’s going on.

After some further testing, it “appears” that my app is indeed packaged with android permissions listed, as they’re visible on Google play and under my settings on my phone, but they aren’t being set to enabled by default, and only “storage” has the option to turn it on. I’ll attach screenshots to show what I’m seeing this afternoon.

After further testing with the nodes for checking permissions and requesting them, as well as referencing the android developer website for more info on permissions and what ones are needed for what, I seem to have them working properly.

Long story short, I still don’t know why Ant is throwing that manifest error, but if you build with Gradel instead and have your android SDK up to date, seems to work.