Keys not in my Project Settings->Engine->Input have physical effects

Total newbie alert - assume nothing

I have created a new project with the intent of creating a space invaders like starter project to get to understand the engine.

I’m running in difficulties controlling my inputs as it appears even though I think ive defined my keys as expect, there seems to be some actions that override/add to whatever I’ve defined.

Here are things I’ve done so far:

  • Modified Project->Engine-Input->Bindings (left arrow, right arrow, space bar)
  • Created a Generic Pawn and movement Blueprint (on the Pawen InputAxis to Add Movement Input)
  • Created a Control that really doesn’t do anything

When I play, I can move left and right as expect. But, if I use up arrow, down arrow, AWSD , space bar, they all move my player also. Space Bar being the worse by actually firing my pawn upwards.


Hi fabkins,

Was this project created from a template or was it a blank project? Also, are you sure that you’re controlling the character and not the player controller? To change this you would have to change the Game Mode. To do this you would need to go to Project Settings → Maps & Modes → Default Modes. You’ll then need to make a new mode by hitting the + button and set the ‘Default Pawn Class’ to your character’s blueprint.

I hope this helps. If you need more help however, please feel free to respond and I’ll be happy to look into this further.

Have a nice day,

Hi , thanks for the response.

This is a blank Blueprint project.

I am pretty confident I am controlling the character (generic pawn) as BluePrint logic is on the Pawn itself, I’ve deleted and recreated the controller a few times. There isn’t a mesh on the controller , only on the Pawn.

Or it could be I haven’t understood your question…

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible for you to send me the project itself so I could look into what exactly the problem is? I’m suspecting it’s something to do w/ the controls that are already set in place for the playercontoller (I believe it is called GameStart or StartGame in the content browser) that is included in a blank project. The reason why is because it already has controls set up that may be causing this. Feel free to upload to dropbox or something else similar if you cannot get it below the 10mb limit for Answerhub.

Sure thing. I will look at packaging it up without the materials and the Saved directory.

I’m transitioning from Unity so its being an interesting exercise. Thank you.

I’ve got it down 640kb now I’ve removed the Saved and materials text

I found it! I was stumped for a minute. Thank you for providing the project as it probably would’ve taken forever otherwise. The picture below shows the issue.


This was causing default bindings to be on, so things like WASD, Space bar, you get the idea. I tested after turning that off and everything seems fine.

Have a nice day!

Edit: This is something that is only on by default for pawns.

Dang, I missed that. Thanks very much.