Keys for test builds for persons not in Org

I was doing some reading and noticed that people need to be a part of the organization to play our builds on Dev & Stage. This is fine for our team, but we want to be able to send these keys to publishers as we pitch and we don’t want to have to add them to the organization. Sure we can send them individual build packages but that will be a pain to update / revoke access later on. The game isn’t in a state to be in the “Live” sandbox either. Is there a way to distribute test keys to non-org members and then revoke the keys when we hopefully get money and want to make sure no one else has access to the dev builds?

I am aware of the keys having the end dates but I’m still getting familiar with the layout of the EGS pages / terms. In Steam terms, the way I’d approach this is having a “pubTest” depot that have keys we can give out and revoke as needed that we would push builds into.


Hi @Kalebeberhart! To allow someone from outside your organization to access a build in Dev or Stage, you’ll need to add them to a Player Group for your product. You’ll need to add those persons’ Epic Account ID to the Player Group for them to see the build in their library.

As a heads up, if you’re product is using anything from our Epic Account Services (EAS), you’ll need to have an approved EAS application before those external users will be able to access the build.

Is there a way to later revoke access to the product once the testing is done? So that they don’t have it in their library anymore

Hey there, you can remove the Player Group at any time as desired which will revoke access to the build within Epic Games Store. Keep in mind we are unable to claw back installations of software downloaded from the Epic Games Store and denied access would rely on checks within the software having to verify ownership within the testers Epic Account.


So if I am correct, even if a key is revoked, the downloaded/installed game won’t have any DRM unless implemented into the game to check with Epic, correct?

We and other publishers/developers would really like some sort of automatic DRM protection for sharing before release. DRM-free is OK for us after launch, but not before, for obvious reasons…

This would help a lot for sharing with Press and the like before launch.

I can understand that, thank you for providing that feedback. I’ve sent this over to our development team for consideration for possible implementation in future updates.