Keypress only activates 1 Blueprint

I have a blueprint that I’ve duplicated in my scene that has a particle system that is activated by a key press, but doing that only activates the original. Is there a way to have it activate all of them?

Yes it is possible. You can do like this:

  • inside your particle system blueprint you create a custom event (let’s call it Fire!) and link to it the part that is currently executed from the key press event. Remove the key press event as this will need to be moved to the level blueprint
  • inside your level blueprint you capture the key press event that should trigger all particle blueprints. When the key is pressed, you Get All Actors of Class = your particle system blueprint. You will get back an array of them (2 ore more, depending on how many times you have duplicated it). Then do a ForEach element in the array and call the Fire! event.

You could also add an event dispatcher to your player controller, then bind to that event in your particle system BP, using Get Player Controller as the reference. Then in your character BP call the event dispatcher on key input.