Keypad Door with Keylock

Hello everybody!

Why i don´t see any submission of Keypad Door to open doors with numeric code in marketplace? nobody thinks this is usefull?

I already have made the question to myself, and i decided to make it! A keypad door with keylock to open / close any kind of doors using timeline in a beautiful blueprint with nice functionality…BUT, for some reason , the marketplace not accepted my submission. 3 months of work, for nothing…

Anyway, here is the link. What you guys think about it?

Youtube link:


the problem is that your keypad doesn’t seem to save any variable at runtime, so you can’t set a password for the door from ingame and there is already a keypad in the marketplace that can do all of this and even saves ingame data

Does not save? If i drag a blueprint in the game, i´m able to set any password. And yes, the variable saves ingame data. Did not seems to do this? And the “0000” is only for Visualization, it´s a “temp” variable to show the location of Input Password to help the users to adjust the location of input code…

I will make a new video to show it

all I see is that you are setting up the password for the door in the blueprint not at runtime , you only verify the password ingame

Here is the video of my blueprint “Keypad Advanced witk Keylock Feature” and a bit of my new “Hack Hability” system. Now i show to all : I´m setting up the password for the door in the runtime , not in blueprint ! What you see here is the “details” of blueprint, on GAME VIEWPORT. Not in blueprint. In runtime! And if you want to put 100 copys of this blueprint in the level, EACH Door will have its own password :smiley:

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

You are setting up the password in the blueprint’s public settings not at runtime, when you press the PLAY button the runtime starts.

Sorry, i did mean in Viewport. But, the question is: What´s wrong in my keypad system? This is the only way to setup a password for using later in-game. And no need to open the blueprint for edit nothing…No knowledge of blueprint script is needed, in that case. Right?

there is already a system like this in the marketplace and it also has a a very nice UI , check it out. So unless you come with something new like setting up passwords at runtime I don’t think there will be any interest in yours but that’s just my opinion.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Hello everybody!

Now i done the logic of save state of the door (if open or closed) and added to my KeyPad Blueprint…Opinions?


Thanks in advance.