Keypad code input


Im trying to create a blueprint for a working 4 digit keypad. i found another post of someone who’s got it working and followed his example.

This is the link to the post with the example:

The downloadable file has the blueprint that works, however, when trying to recreate the blueprint i run into an issue.

First off, i’m not too sure on what this part of the blueprint does, can someone explain it to me? Also i cannot connect the “self” node to the keypad “set” node nor can i connect the “As my character” section of the cast to node to the target of “set”.
I noticed that the variable type on his “set” node is different to mine, i believe this is the issue but i’m unable to change mine.

can anyone help resolve this issue?

Thanks for your time,


That snippet of blueprint is doing this: When the keypad is overlapped on collision, it tries to cast the “other” actor (Or the actor that overlapped self aka the key pad) to the character class, if it succeddes (that is to say, YES the player did overlap the keypad) then assign the Key pad value ON your player class to the current key pad (self) actor. At least that’s what I can tell from the screenshot. Hope that clears it up. Does it work? I dunno can’t see enough of the other stuff.

Thanks for the help and explanation,

I figured out how to get the variable type the same on his “set” node but i’m still having issues connecting the “Self” node to the “Set”, whenever I try it just says “self reference is not compatible with keypad reference”.
Basically he created the variable in the “MyCharacter” blueprint which made it show up in the other blue print when searched for.

This is the change he made in the “MyCharacter”

from what i understand he added the input for the keyboard number keys and allowed it display text.


This is Erasio’s full blueprint. I believe I have the majority of it done and understand it but it is just them two nodes i can’t connect.

Any ideas?

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Ok so this project was open in 4.6.0, i opened a blank scene in 4.6.1 and the “Self” node connected fine to the “keypad” on the “set” node but the “as character” would not connect to the “target” section of the “set” node.

after opening my project in version 4.6.1 neither would connect.

is this an issue with my project file? Has anyone have a different keypad blueprint we could try and see if that works?




I´m the original request from this post on answerhub. I already made this KeyPad working on UE 4.8.3. I have to remake all the code, because major changes on 4.6.1 to 4.8.3 :slight_smile:

Soon available on Marketplace: