Keyframing Poses

Hi, I want to blend the end of one animation into the start of another with keyframing, is there a way to keyframe the entire pose at a certain frame without keyframing each bone individually (as that seems to rotate the character weirdly with each bone as I add the key), and then use a pose asset that I created from the first frame of the second animation and input that pose as a key on the last frame?

yet again (I must sound like a broken record) I would suggest you take both animations to blender and merge them there.

its super simple. Export both animations with preview mesh, import into 1 into blender.

Open a new blender window, import the second animation. Copy the key frames.

Go back to the first window, select the keyframes, move them all further to the right than the amount of key frames from B and paste.

This generates a file with all the keyframes and you can modify them however you see fit. Cut/re-order, change etc…

Once done, you save and export the animations out with the proper setting.
I suggest selected objects checked with only the skeleton as there is no need for the mesh.

You then import in unreal and select the existing skeleton. All done.

Is there a way to do this strictly in UE4? I’m trying to avoid Blender at all costs because I don’t know how to use it and I’ve tried to learn a few times and gave up because of the stupid controls and layout that I can’t get my head around, haha

Is there a way of making a pose of the last frame of the first animation, and a pose of the first frame of the second animation, then blend between them using a lerp, and stick that blend in between the 2 animations in an Animation Composite? (Using composite because montages can’t be used in the AnimGraph apparently)

Never used the engine to do that, so no idea.

Fair enough, looks like I’ll have to endure another attempt at using Blender, haha, thanks anyways!

No worries. There’s plenty if 2.8 tutorials out there. What you need to so is fairly simple.