keyframed object in sequencer not moving in final render output

I’m planning to create virtual music inside ue4
I have a bunch of blueprint, there are spotlight, and mesh sub-object inside of it, I already keyframe the intensity, rotation, etc inside sequencer, everything is good inside the ue4 viewport.

but when I render it out using movie render queue or sequencer renderer, the object is not moving at all, it freeze at whenever my timeline needle is currently on.

Is there something inside the blueprint that I need to edit on?
any ideas?

thank you

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Hi. I am encountering the same issue. I even have ‘expose to cines’ and ‘run cons script in sequencer’ on.

Have you found any fix yet?

I’m having the same problem. Still no solution?

After a few days of pulling my hair out and almost rage quitting, I finally found the solution. For me all I had to do was right click the object in the sequencer and set it to possessable. I’ve never had to do this in any other project and I only needed to do it to some objects for whatever reason. Hope somebody finds this useful.

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Brother, can you explain in more detail what you did?