Keyboard shortcuts to close active tab and open previously closed tabs.

I would love the ability to quickly close and reopen previously closed tabs within the editor. A perfect example of what I mean is Google Chrome. The web browser uses the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T to open previously closed tabs up until the point that the application was first run and Ctrl + W to close the active tab.

Ctrl+W is bound to the Duplicate option. I was actually looking into an alternative keybinding for close the current tab. Please let me know if you know one.

I’ve tried binding <Close Minor Tab> to Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A since it I can clump my hand together and press the keys relatively quickly. However the Close Major and Close Minor tab features seem really unintuitive. Close minor tab seems to want to close all the tabbed widgets within the page you’re on (the red arrows in the image below). Close Major tab will just close the editor down and not the actual page you’re on. Maybe part of what I’m asking for is actually a bug fix.

That is def a bug that should be fixable

I’ve got close major tabs bound to Ctrl+F4 and that works fine. Unless you have got it rebound to Alt+F4 which is a Windows shortcut to close the current program which isn’t rebindable.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this either.