Keyboard shortcuts not working?

Hi, I just successfully installed Unreal Engine 4.12 from the source code available on github on Ubuntu 16.04.
So I created a new First Person project, created a new level, added a few objects and now I want to undo some things but the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, even when I try to duplicate an object with CTRL + W it doesn’t work.

It’s kinda irritating, since it slows down my workflow, any reason why this is happening?

i have this issue with ctrl-w only working sometimes… it gets annoying and having to use ctrl-c ctrl-v is twice as much work :confused: … sounds silly but multiply that by 100’s of times… ive seen this on 4.16, 4.17, 4.18 4.19 and 4.20, so its still a current bug

this is probably not a bug with UE4 but an issue with Unity. I think these shortcuts are already used by Unity which prevails over UE4.

if you arent running unity theres no way unity is just going to “take over your inputs”… i also dont have unity installed… but i reported another bug report thread because my ctrl z works fine in win10 and mac