Keyboard shortcuts get reset with every editor launch

Hey, not sure if it’s the best way to do it, but wanted to ask whether resetting keyboard shorcuts every time editor is closed/open is desired? I have to set the shortcuts every time I open it and I don’t see a ‘Save’ button or something like this in the preferences window.
Not sure what info is needed for a complete question.

Editor and Windows versions:

Version: 5.2.1-26001984+++UE5+Release-5.2
Platform: Windows 11 (22H2) [10.0.22621.1848] (x86_64)

Hi! If I understood your question correctly, there should be a series of buttons at the top of the Editor Preferences window, just after the search bar: Set as default, Export, Import, Reset to default.

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Interesting. This is the first tool where the save buttons are at the top of the window. Plus the name. Had hard times finding it.
Thank you for the help, will try it out!

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Well, not really :confused: I don’t have these buttons in my editor.

Can live without it for now, but it’s not cool that it’s so unintuitive to make it working.

The screenshot is of Project Settings, the buttons are in Editor Preferences.

[Edit] Nevermind, it’s not available in Editor Preferences for Keyboard Shortcuts either.

[Edit 2] Did some testing. It’s saving the shortcuts for me just by editing them. Both when reopening the same project or opening a different project in UE 5.2.1.

Have you tried setting the shortcuts on a different project or engine version? You might have to verify your engine files through the launcher. (It takes somewhat long to verify the files.)

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