Keyboard shortcuts don't work? ..... or?

Hi folks,

Quick question:

There seem to be a lot of viewport navigation shortcuts pre-mapped (like numpad 9 & 3 for up / down, the arrow keys, alt + left click…and many more… but these aren’t listed anywhere in [edit > editor preferences > keyboard shortcuts > viewport navigation]. And the ones that are listed there don’t work

This is what i see (pic below). None of these work, and adding my own has no effect.

Just to be clear, i’m talking about general viewport navigation (not necessarily through a camera, i just mean the viewport “camera”)

Could anyone tell me where to find these assigned mappings so i can add my own?

Or are these only “in game” commands?

If so, where do i find the mappings for the editor?


You have to hold Right or Left Mouse button for viewport navigation.

That’s not correct, there are many keyboard shortcuts that’ll navigate the viewport without touching the mouse…