Keyboard navigation to attach actor from world outliner

This is not very critical bug, but I thing that it could be work different?

What’s happening:
Using keyboard navigation (arrows) causing auto select when change focus to first active element.


  1. Right Mouse Button click on actor in level (World Outliner)
  2. Navigate down arrow to “Attach to” (need to press “Enter” to select this option)
  3. After open submenu, navigate (Arrow down) to select actor, BUT here without using enter → first actor at list is auto “clicked” / selected
  4. If actor was skeletal mesh, then you can choose bone/socket, nawigate (arrow down), BUT like at “3” → first option (most there is “none”) is selected without using “enter”

Well, hope that steps help You.

Hello Calemb,

Thank you for reporting this and for providing detailed steps. I’ve reproduced this on my end and have entered a report for it. You can find the report here and track its progress: UE-36477

Have a nice day!

Thank You :slight_smile: