Keyboard Input & UMG (Disable Keyboard Focus)

Hey there got a little problem, maybe nick could say some kind workds :slight_smile:

I a key bind that brings up (creates and adds to viewport) a umg widget as long as i hold down the keyboard. Now when i release the key the widget should be removed… This works fine however i need MouseFocus on the Widget. The problem is as soon as i set the Input Mode to UI Only, or use Set UserFocus… My keyboard button bound in the character gets its ButtonUp event called even if my button is still held. This is pretty anyoing and i cant seem to find a way how to properly deal with it. Found there is a SetKeyboardFocus function but it for the mouse as i just want to switch the widget on do some operations and switch back to game once i release the key. Iam also fine with C++ solutions if there arent any in bp