Keyboard input for TPS Character

This is going to be about as basic as it can probably get, however, just started out on the long UE road - had started a project as an Blank, BluePrints desktop “without content” arrangment and after sorting a landscape out realised I needed a TPS character to Play the terrain…Anyway following a couple of videos … which seemed to be going ok, to code the blueprint for MoveForward MoveRight etc, I then found I had only duplicated what was already there, hit the play button and there is no input being registered on the character, he is not moving. Not only that the view starts as if on a flyby rather than with the character having the focus. I have seen by setting the Game Mode Override I can get the character with his blueprint set as the Default Pawn Class, to become the active character but still no input being registered from the WASD keys.
I am pretty sure the Blueprint for the TirdPerson Character is how it should be as it was exactly the same as the one already there. I notice that on a new project with “off the shelf” TPS setup, the game mode override is not required and of course that works out of the blocks - so please can anyone advise me where I might have going wrong. Thanks.

google ue4 action mappings and Axis mappings, or go to EDIT in top toolbar… Project settings Engine/input and setup action/ axis mapping there !!

Thanks for coming back. But in fact that has already been done, forgot to mention it. However, I think I have fixed the problem, a setting in ThirdPersonCharacter: Pawn - Auto Process Player was not set. Copying the “off the Shelf” template that is set to player 0, and I get control. Its now a different probelm and for some reason the character is spawning off map, yet both the ThirdPersonCharacter and PlayerStart are well into the bounds of the landscape.

Thanks agin.

In fact not fixed, player 0 has put the input back in the hands of what seems like an FPS character. Player 1 puts the input to the TPS character but again without the input working.