Keyboard/gamepad navigation for dynamic UMG widgets

Does keyboard/gamepad navigation work for dynamic UMG widgets?

I am adding buttons to a scrollbox, and I am unable to use keyboard or gamepad to navigate.
When I set focus to a specific widget, keyboard navigation causes it to lose focus, but no other widget gets focus.

Is there any way to use define the Navigation section for dynamically created widgets? Seems read-only…

Thanks For Any Help

So I know you posted this a long time ago, but not as of right now. Everything needs to be hard coded unfortunately. It’s a big pain in the **** to have to waste time hard coding input nav on a UMG menu. Indexing could easily be implemented by Epic. It wouldn’t be the most ideal solution, but it would be a viable solution.

I found that tutorial a while back and it worked pretty well for what I was doing. Might have to modify it for your purposes, but it’s at least a good start. I ended up making a menu pawn that had proper gamepad inputs rather than doing the constant on-tick check he shows, but again YMMV.