Keybinding an image using UMG

Hi all, I need help with something that sounds very simplistic to do, but I’m unsure on how to do it. Basically, I want it so whenever you press the Esc key it brings up an image that contains the controls on how to play the game…I’ll appreciate it if anyone could help me.

I’m going to create an image on Photoshop, but I want it so whenever you press the esc key it pauses the game and shows the image of the player controls as well as when pressing the esc key again it un-pauses the game. I have no idea on how to do this process.

If it’s an simple image I’m confused about what you want to know.

UMG has the ability to display an image. You can on escape create a widget with that image and on another escape press remove it.

I’m not quite sure what exactly you are looking for.

There is a function called “Pause game” which does exactly that.

You know about UMG so displaying the image shouldn’t give you any trouble.

I am still somewhat confused I have to admit.

I’m currently at college, so I can’t do anything in till I get home. If I do come across any errors, then I’ll reply to your comments. “Pause game” is what I essentially need. Thank you!

After you make your UI, go into whatever blueprint you want to put your code in. Right click and look for “Create Widget”.
You’ll need to then add it to viewport when the player hits the intended button.
In this case, I have it going away on release of the button, but you can change that of course.