Key pressed, Character will walk to a specific location then an animation is played

Hi There,

Here is my problem,

When you press a key, the character will:

1- Walk to a specific location,

2- When arrived an animation (matinee/sequencer) will be played,

3- At the end of the animation the player character will be at the same location that the character at the end of the animation

Think like Point and Click Games

Example, you are in a room, there is a window, you want to look outside through the window
When you approach the window area an icon appears on the screen to let you know that you can press space bar to watch through the window.

When you click from wherever you are (inside the trigger box), you lose the control of the character and he will walk to the window, an animation will be played (simulating you are watching through the window) at the end of the animation the character we be located at the exactly same location that (the character in the animation)

So far,

  • I created an animation in matinee,
  • A trigger box
  • In level Blueprint when the character is in the trigger box,
  • text on a screen,
  • Press space bar the animation is playing

The problems,

During the game, we can see both characters on the screen,
The playable character and the one in the matinee animation.

Also, when I hit the space bar, I can make the character move but is not walking, just dragged from where he is when you hit space-bar to a target point (instead of walking to the location where the character is at the beginning of the matinee animation)

Thank you for any suggestion/help