Key Input not working [BluePrints]

Hey Folks,

I’m trying to figure out why this error is popping up. I’m having an issue where the input key won’t register. I followed the documentation exactly. This is for a door open/close interaction.

CHARACTER_BP is my Pawn. The door setup works, it’s the input that doesn’t. Version 2 seems to work (learned from a video) but key input is still ignored.

Ultimately I want to set up a “Sliding door” animation using some kind of location movement based on the timeline (instead of Matinee).

The error in the code from the first image is that you are trying to convert the overlapped component to a player character. The overlapped component is the component from the player that touched the trigger, which is probably a capsule collider. If you want to fix that, you need to drag from the other actor pin instead.