Key Input and Trigger Box (Noob)

Hi, every tutorial I’ve watched is always about one trigger box and one light or one door.

I am using Keys 1 and 2 from the beginning so I get the player controller on Event Begin Play

I need Key 4 input ONLY when I am inside a Trigger box, how do i do it? I am messing with the branch but not sure is the right approach?

How you have it setup now is ever time 4 is pressed, or when the player enters the trigger box the Branch statement is called.

Try setting a boolean to TRUE when OnActorBeginOverlap is called, and to false when OnActorEndOverlap is called.

Then drop that bool where your Branch is under the condition and you should be good to go.

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Thanks! It was simple

how did you get the “SET” with the overlapping option? I’m using 4.20.3 and can’t find it whatsoever

You have to add a new Variable boolean called “Overlapping”

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