Key held down

Hello im kind of in experienced with the blueprint system, but I am trying to make a way for whenever a key is held it will repeatedly trigger a node.
So far i tried to use an Anykey node then linked Pressed to Use Controller Yaw and selected true then connecting the Release to Use Controller Yaw and selected false.
The problem is whenever two keys are pressed and one key is released while another is still being pressed or held down Use Controller Yaw will equal false.
To solve this I think I could find out a way to make a key being held down repeatedly trigger the Use Controller Yaw node yet I dont know how.
If you know a way to solve this please reply.

Set a bool to true on button press and false on button release. Then use tick or delay or a gate to keep firing your logic.

Could you explain this a bit more because i think i got it but Use Controller Yaw never returns back to false . It just stays true.

Could you show a Screenshot of your current setup? I don’t really get what you are trying to do :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my current setup.