Key Command Settings

I don’t really know if I am at the right place for my question. All the people are so highly educated in Computer stuff that a 'normal ‘person (not computer one) maybe is not supposed to even join "Epic’ as this is like all the same high level computer people talking ‘shop’. (Somebody said it’s like Steam but nothing could be further from what it is)
OK I purchased the game ASHEN and despite going more than ten times back and setting my keyboard commands as to what I am used to, it never seems to save it. I tried any which way to maybe find a ‘save’ button but to no avail.
It is even difficult to get that menu. You go to settings and chose keyboard and it gives those letters like ASWD…etc and others which seems strange. But anyway somebody advised me that it goes according to the letters on your keyboard (huh? I thought all keyboards are basically the same?) anyway, I chose the right keyboard and then nothing happens at all. The ten times I tried it at different times, every time after I tried to play and got killed because I did not key on and did the wrong moves since I thought my keyboard commands had been set!

But even to get to that menu is a pain. I push all buttons and maybe after a few or more than a few tries, suddenly the key command menu appears, if you are lucky! But then I set it all again and it does NOT remember it which I find out when I tried playing and getting killed again.
If this place is really like Steam, then give me back my money obviously I am amongst the wrong type of computer people, I am only a Finance Exce./CPA now retired.