Key action trigger to switch from Side scroller game to third person game


currently i ma working on a side scrolled prototype and i was wondering if there would be a way by using a key pressed action trigger Switch from Side Scrolled camera/Game to Third person camera/game

Why yes there is.

All you really need is a second camera and then just switch them. If you want to completely change the input methods as well that’s gonna be a bit more tricky but to just change the camera view point is fairly straight forward. You can even use the default blend which will transition in a set speed by you between the two locations and create a rather neat effect.


hi what i actually looking for is switch the game input to third person for example witch one whole section of the map to third person game play for specific zones inside the map, but i can’t find they way to do it using blueprints set specifically for the triggers

Well for gameplay in BP only (since there is no way to switch the controller in BP) you will have to do everything with branches.

So create a Boolean and then use that for branches right in front of your input events to determine which action should be used.