Kestrel Moon: Creature Animation 2D for UE4

I don’t know if any of you guys saw this tool for 2D stuff but it’s pretty much the same as SPINE that Unity have just for creating 2D games and animations in 2D. Is now available for MAC and soon for Windows!! Just check this out, it looks real good!

It is supported for UE4 :)!

Thanks to this guys to release this tool for UE4, I was jealous watching all those Spine’s videos for Unity and Cocos on YT :p!

Check their website and demo videos!

Creature Animation

can i smooth blend bones animation with this tool? or it only do baked sprite?

Hello guys,

I am the creator of this tool. Creature bakes out bone and mesh positions(if you are using mesh deformation). So yes, you can blend the bones smoothly.
I have a new video showing off a bunch of dinosaurs authored in the tool:

Also here is the Windows Trailer Preview:Creature Animation Tool Windows Trailer - YouTube
Let me know if you have any questions!

Is there any EST on when the editor will be released for other platforms than MAC?

Hello! This is now available for Windows!
Check it out here:


its great, but when we can see a normal FULL tutorial from start to finish, step by step(for example just start with 2d template and change character from standard to creature version and do simple blend from run, idle to jump)

PS i think you need spend more time with unreal because unity already has cool 2d animation plugins (with blending) but unreal on this time don’t have anything, just ugly paper2d(can’t blend) so you can make a good shoot in Ue4 community…

What’s the UE4 runtime like for this thing?

Is it mature?
Does it support all of the features of the editor?
Are you doing any batching on rendering, for example if you have multiple instances of the same animated character in a level for example?

Would like to get a feel for if this tool is sufficient for my needs.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the replies to Creature.
I have just added in a new video on how the plugin is used:

You can also keep track of the plugin on the github page:

Documentation is here:

I have added quite a few features in the past few days:

  • Ability to grab bone transforms and pipe them into your own collider for collisions, all in Blueprints

  • It is now a plugin, so you can drag and drop the dlls into your project

  • You can do smooth animation state blending using Blueprints

  • and a lot more!

Also to clarify a couple of things:

  • You can either use the plugin itself to playback the Creature characters OR

  • You can export the character out into FBX if you are just using Bone Motors. Since it is a regular FBX, you can use the normal FBX pipeline for that.

If you want to see the full set of features, here is the Windows trailer:

More enhancements and updates to follow!

You can now download a sample exported out Creature Animation Asset for UE4 here:

i try to play with Creature an notice after working with After effects timeline(AE has perfect controls for 2d layer and bones transform) – creature timeline is not useful(like in programs from 90th), you need seriously work with creatureUI, also same type program like sprite and spine have better UI, thx

PS and pls create normal tutorial for UE, when you first create animation in creature(for example run, idle and jump…) and then setup those in unreal, without time warps