kerbal space program like rocktes in blueprint, any one can creat this?

I like ksp so much, and really want have a rocket like ksp in ue4 by blueprint.

ant one can help?


First of all you need such a mesh. After that import it and create a project with the flying template → now do some adjustments in the properties. (e.g movement direction, speed, add particle effects,…) :slight_smile:

Hmmm…Think he is also looking at doing a ParentToChild relationship scheme with attach to actor when constructing multiple objects together.

I’ve thought about this too, KSP is a great game.

This has been discussed a few times (in fact my team is working on it as we speak). Kerbal uses realistic gravity physics based on the actual equations used by those in the Space Industry. It follows Keplers Laws of Planetary Motion and also respects Newtonian physics. Link. (See: Specifying Orbits). It should be noted that it is virtually impossible to calculate and predict trajectories in an n-body system because the calculations sky-rocket after you add more than 3-4 bodies that affect each other. Instead each Planet has a ‘Sphere of Influence’ and you blend between them based on your distance and their gravitational pull.

We are working on it in C++ simply because the equations are utterly insane for the most part. It is no easy feat and does require you to study into Astrophysics and Orbital Mechanics. I strongly recommend getting your head around that first before trying to take it on, or you’ll be met with a lot of frustration :wink: We have been working on it for just shy of a month now to make sure that we fully understand how it works, but we’ve come across a C++ library (not free) that let’s you do a lot of this stuff too. I’ll try and get the link later :slight_smile:

Hahahahahaha! :slight_smile: