Kept, a VR Adventure Game

Hello Everyone,
i wanted to show what our small indie company have managed to make in our spare time, Kept! This is our first ever trailer so please enjoy and leave support/feedback!

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Kept is a journey between worlds to free a forsaken soul.
By awakening a forbidden ritual, you discover a path to take back what has passed, but as you search between worlds you learn to accept that what’s taken from death is not easily kept.
Immerse yourself in a spiritual adventure, of fantastical landscapes and reflective soundscapes to explore what ritual can teach us about holding on and letting go.

Kept is a virtual reality journey to free a forsaken soul, that explores the path we take when others pass.
Kept is an experience built exclusively for virtual reality where visitors explore mythical new worlds by physically maneuvering down grand rivers, crawl through ancient caves and scale towering obelisks.