keeping unity 3D or move to unreal.

hey. i have been thinking to move my old project to unreal from unity but cant decide after a few days.
project will be mostly redone keep unity or move unreal.

here some random list thinks what i made but still don’t know what to choose… (random order.)

1.if i keep unity i can use old project and remove broken thinks only and fix what needed so i think i can have faster start.
+but if choose unreal i can use old unity project as prototype and look for help as prototype project, don’t really know hot explain this but you probably can guess
(just keep fixable and working parts as examples and remake them in unreal)

  1. i have some skill already from unreal and think unreal is really much better engine overall. not really free for me because i paid monthly like 6-8-9 months before i moved back to unity.
  • i have some skill unity *** well and base project to use as big template but its still not going to fix thinks because i belie some thinks are broken because unity is really broken engine in lot of ways.
    -one example lot of problems with prefabs they just don’t apply always to all levels/scenes and like player will just behave different scene’s … and fix is to use one scene as base but its still doesnt completly fix prefabs.
    -second some 2d/3d thinks behave so different it is really annoying…
    -third some new features useless garbage canvas works with score text and everything but some reasons health with hearts (png) never want to work correctly . may be win 8.1 issue with screen scaling beacuse i can move objects to correct location
    and after fix they start to response to window scaling and etc… yeah one way platforms work but my own little script does it better…
  1. i get some extra funding currently from learning to do some graphics and i can keep them so it gives extra time and flexibility to project
    but it would still nice to start new project from with big leap even i know there is thinks to fix but not one of them is really big…

some engine thinks from unreal would help lot with choosing engine…
my current 4.8 based test project, i liked new tile map editor but any possible to make flip-books work in it like make water animate automatically . i think it would be nice but how much work do think extending something like this could take ? smart ?
i cant get really working 2d physics but really not tested why not … 3d works fine now probably need to use it because i may want to do some layered system something like Photoshop but with collisions.

  1. 99% sure next project going to use unreal but this is the big guestion do this remake this project already with unreal or move unreal in next project it would ad extra time but would 100% value for next project . just more experience with unreal when moving, better base for future projects and always need think for better for business stand point (when doing business need to think about extending it as well.)…
    short information and knowledge from engine but it going to cost because, if i want to make money with games and live with it i could be smarter to stay little longer on unity.
    maybe get some money sooner like i know how ads work in unity and possible some sooner early access. ( can explain this further some free/paid dual E.A. thinking paid and free same time)

sorry for probably bad grammar and bad English but struggling with this problem. i have some time to just think this because right now i haven’t touched game for about 2. months just doing some story and graphics, non engine things and i get money for doing so . some self learning system i don’t want to explain it. why, i don’t know how explain it but i get double money from unemployment funding. not really some much you may think but still lot more than normally and i can save from it to project … absolute zero talented for musics. :smiley:

2-3 weeks, absolute max 6 weeks… fix or remake ?? this is really annoying… :smiley: for money now(unity, sooner in beta) or better base for future(unreal, well learning engine is always good )…

add poll ? :smiley:

as extra this is not ABOUT war is unreal or unity better but why should keep unity or move unreal so please no anything like unreal is best or etc… why would you move or why did you doe this move and when like between project or remake old with new engine…
AND please ask if something went little bit over and not understood correctly.

what information you need to know to give help/hints for me ?
for some information of project it pixel art, platformer and ??

i moving to new place at end of month so it would be nice to start actual project when move happens but before hand to know what to choose . used 1.5-2 years unity all porjects curently frozen or moved garbage can . none survide some reasons not explained.

currently doing new story and graphics, at starting week moving to character animation. done good base for tile map(can be extended and most of seams have been fixed. i think i have done reasonable jos for short time while learning), coins etc like random stuff but nothing engine related and looking for some musicians actually i probably ask for the one i talked before.

i know there is no direct answer for this think but any help is nice.

If you check Unreal’s YouTube channel, there is a video on how to move from Unity to Unreal. That might give you a better idea of how much work is involved in transferring your old project over.

You can make money with any engine if your game is good.
It’s a hard question, i think only you can get the best answer by asking yourself the good questions.
What game genre and what engine is success full on that , what platforms, what are your skills with Unity and Unreal , what graphics are you targeting ?
About bugs , there is bugs also with Unreal 4, i would not base my decision on that.

If you want to use Unreal in the long run, that could be the deciding factor to start right away.