Keeping Track of Assets

Hey guys, newbie here coming in from the Unity world.
We’re porting out game to Unreal and everything is well.

We’ve just finished setting up Perforce and getting our team started on that instead of Git.

Quick question:
Unreal imports files as Unreal Assets, but the original files are outside of the /Content/ folder if I understand correctly (whereas in Unity it keeps everything inside of the /Assets/ folder.

For keeping the files in Sync, we can use Perforce. But what do you use to keep track of the original (maya/fbx/audio/etc) files? Any tips?


i would love to know also what some experienced users have to say.

I think with 4.7 you can actually just drop objects into the content folders (in windows file explorer) and it should detect and import them, also it will do this when files are overwritten/updated.

We save the original files into a special folder structure on our perforce server. From there we will import them into the engine. :slight_smile:

Thx both! I’ll do the perforce thing, just setup the server. Thx!