Keeping track of Ammo in the UI

I want to keep track of how many shots the player has left, which works, but with 1 problem ← UI

The amount of shots for some reason stack and dont replace the number before
These are the blueprints im using <–Character BP <— UI BP ← restart BP

Anyone know what is going wrong here? it looks right to me

To do it, i have Bullets in my character BP as a integer variable, then u link em to Text box, return nodes are taking character who spawned the Hud and taking his integer variable as “ammo” and link at runtime. If u have not so much events like that, u wont have no drops of fps or things like that, it updates i think once a second, but dont know real values.

Photo to let u see where to find the “link”. In spanish is “Enlazar”.

I solved it, its because I had the create widget run on every clock, so it just kept overwriting on top of itself