Keeping mesh camera-orientated - easiest way?

What would be the easiest/least performance costly way to keep a mesh (plane) facing camera all the time, no matter where player looks?

Basically I need to trace from the view and when trace hits something, a static mesh should appear on the trace line (perhaps with adjustable offset from the trace line axis) always facing camera.


Just a plane? Use a Billboard or MaterialBillboard component. They just draw a camera-facing plane with a texture/material.

3D widget (UMG) actually

Honestly, you can do this in the HUD, if you’re just looking to display a texture.

If you really do want to have a mesh though, you can make a custom mesh actor, and put this on tick in the mesh actor. The mesh’s X axis will point to the camera, but you can offset the rotation to make any point face the camera.